Cydonia pack

The Cydonia Pack in Starfield is a protective equipment offering resistance to airborne and radiation damage with basic boost funcitonality.

Last Updated 12 Sep 2023 at 11:34 am GMT
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Cydonia pack
  • Value3080
  • Mass6.3
  • Damage Reduction
    • energy22
    • electromagnetic26
    • physical44
  • Resistance
    • corrosive0
    • airborne20
    • radiation10
    • thermal0

Where can the Cydonia Pack be found?

The Cydonia Pack in Starfield is a fairly basic piece of eqipment! It can be found in various ways, including searching inside containers, as loot from defeated enemies, and in some NPC inventories (the Theft skill may come in handy here!). There is no specific location within the game known to currently get this item.

What build is Cydonia Pack good for?

As the Cydonia Pack is fairly basic it's good for beginner-level players just working things out in the game and can work for a number of different builds!

Why not try out some melee builds? Or maybe the demolitions build if you prefer destroying your enemies with high-impact artillery!

Is the Cydonia Pack good?

Short answer? No. It's a very basic pack that you will likely find hundreds of throughout your playtime!

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