Altair is a star system in the Settled Systems near the Sol and Narion star systems.

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How Many Planets Does Altair Have?

Altair is home to 5 planets and 8 moons.

How do I get to Altair?

Altair can be found on the map of the Settled Systems. Its location is just north of the Sol system and west of the Narion star system.

Is Altair hostile?

Altair is not considered to be a hostile star system in Starfield. However, there are a few dangers that players should be aware of when exploring the system such as pirates and alien creatures.

Best Altair Moons and Planets for Outposts

The following planets and Moons are best for Outposts in Altair:

  • Altair I
  • Altair III
  • Altair III-B
  • Altair IV-C
  • Altair III
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