Altair IV-C

Altair IV-C is the third moon of the planet Altair IV, a gas giant orbiting the Altair star system. Its frozen temperature and H2 atmosphere combine to make the environment inhospitable to flora and fauna. While it has a chemical water supply, Altair IV-C does have six resources, namely, H20, Cl, Ni, Pb, Co, and W.

Last Updated 20 Sep 2023 at 14:56 pm GMT
Starfield Portal Placeholder Image Altair IV-C
  • Type ROCK
  • Gravity 0.6
  • Planet Altair IV
  • Water CHEMICAL
  • Temperature COLD
  • Fauna NONE
  • Atmosphere STD M
  • Resources
  • Flora NONE
  • Magnetosphere NONE

What Planet Is Altair IV-C Closest To?

Altair IV-C is closest to its parent planet, Altair IV.

How Do I Get To Altair IV-C?

You can visit Altair IV-C by jumping into the Altair star system. You can find it orbiting its parent planet, Altair IV, together with two other moons.

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