Xbox Mod Highlight: Become a Trooper Medic and Have Better Flashlights With These Mods

image of a trooper medic in starfield
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars | Bonepunk

image of a trooper medic in starfield
Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars | Bonepunk

Starfield has slowly become Star Wars thanks to Bethesda’s addition of Creations Club.

Xbox players can now finally customize their gameplay, and Star Wars mods are one of the leading mod categories, with almost 81 out of the 911 Creations Club mods (as of writing) being Star Wars mods.

Trooper armors and lightsabers are a few of the available mods, and Star Wars fans should never miss out on the latest Medic Trooper armour.

image of a storm trooper in starfield
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Credit: Bethesda | Star Wars | Bonepunk

Made by mod author Bonepunk, the Star Wars Medic Trooper mod sits around 98.85 MB of file size.

The mod provides two distinct Trooper armor: the Medic Trooper armor and the Medic Trooper Surgeon Major armor.

These armors include two helmets and two body armors with backpacks that act as booster packs. If existing UC Empire or similar mods are active, the mod must also be on the lowest load order priority.

Players who have already visited New Atlantis will have to create a new game or a new game plus save, as the mod only updates the armor through these save files.

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Another notable mod for Starfield fans is the Vanilla Flashlight Improved mod, which significantly improves the vanilla flashlight.

The vanilla flashlight does not provide enough illumination most of the time. Exploring a dark location such as a cave or underground outpost requires tweaks in the game or monitor brightness settings. With the VFI mod, the flashlight now illuminates the whole screen, allowing for better exploration.

Made by litbeep, the mod sits around 616 KB, which is pretty easy to install and arrange in the load order.

image of a better flashlight in starfield
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Credit: Bethesda

Whether you will be wandering around the Settled Systems as a trooper or as Star Wars’ Ahsoka, be sure to stay updated with the latest Starfield news and announcements by following Starfield Portal.

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