Player Encounters “Rich” Hunting Dragon in Serpentis II

Credit: X/Bethesda

Credit: X/Bethesda

Not even Paul Tassi or Niko Mueller, staunch defenders of Starfield on X, could claim they have seen everything in the game. The nature of Bethesda games themselves ensures that there’s always an Easter Egg or a surprise feature hidden in the code.

Even Skyrim players are still discovering new quests and Easter Eggs until now in the base game, and Starfield’s not an exception, being less than a year old!

The latest “surprise” to grace the pages of Elon Musk’s X, formerly Twitter, is a heavily-laden Hunting Dragon that a player killed while exploring the flatlands of the planet Serpentis II.

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Credit: X/Bethesdsa

A screenshot showed that, before it was looted, the creature was carrying the following in its person:

  • Vytinium
  • Rothicite
  • Aldumite
  • Tasine
  • Antimicrobial
  • Structural (Carapace)
  • Chlorine

“I’ve never seen a critter so chock full of resources. Ka-Ching!” the player, who goes by the handle NMSfan8472, said in his X post.

A comment by another user, ThinkingViolet, added more information about where one can find the Hunting Dragon and its hoard of loot. ThinkingViolet says these creatures can be seen near landmarks and dung heaps.

Sometimes, they added, they can even steal credits from these creatures even though fauna rarely carry creds with them - they have no use for those.

Starfield remains a divisive topic among die-hard Bethesda fans and the general gaming community. One of the topics of contention is the game’s reliance on the modding community instead of having a solid roadmap of updates before the big launch in September.

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