Mod of the Week - View Zoology Data on Fauna

ashta starfield

ashta starfield

Starfield is known for its many loading screens, and these include images featuring fauna you encounter while exploring. Unfortunately, these screens can change fast, which doesn’t work for those who are actually trying to view the images.

Modder senterpat on Nexus, who admitted that he is “moving around too fast” while exploring planetside to view the critters properly, decided to create an add-on for people who play like him.

The result - our mod of the week, Load Screen Zoology Files.

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Credit: Nexus

This mod adds new load screens featuring a selection of the wild beasts that can be found in the cosmos.

The data screen has a ton of info, but you should take it with a grain of salt since there is a shortage of information about fauna after Starfield’s launch. The modder himself described the data as made-up but lore-friendly.

This guy is even more generous, creating two versions of the loading screen. The second set has the same creature images minus the made-up data.

Because of the limited amount of information available, the load screen does not have data on all creatures. However, the modder promises to add more in a future update.

As for fauna, be sure to check for any creatures hanging out on your ship before you take off. You don’t want to discover that it has spawned more of its kind inside your vessel!

By the way, the first Community Patch for Starfield has dropped and fixed over 30 issues reported by the player base. Be sure to check it out.

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