Starfield Player Finds Plushies and Apple Chunks in Ariel

starfield uranus

starfield uranus

The best thing about having more than a thousand planets in Starfield is that you don’t always have to limit yourself to visiting one planet repeatedly. True, you can farm one or two - even three! - planets for resources and experience, but there’s always this planet that you can put away for future reference.

While many of our fellow explorers are focused on colonizing planets from faraway star systems, our friend, Abject_Entrance_5970, decided to visit one of our neighbors in the Sol system. He did get a cute surprise at the end of his visit if this video of his is any indication.

What did our friend do? Well, he got into his ship and, together with Sarah Morgan, landed on the moon Ariel in the farthest fringes of humankind’s home system for some exploration time. Based on his footage, it seems that they’ve come across an outpost with, among other things, a fridge.

When they opened the refrigerator, they were in for a surprise - three plushies and a stack of Chunks Apple were waiting for them. They wasted no time and grabbed the Chunks, My Friend Wilby, a Xenosnuggle, and a Parsecpoochie.

Too bad the player is on Xbox. They could’ve taken advantage of the Chunks mod that gives them square packaging instead of the default opaque ones in Starfield.

Speaking of mods, while there’s little chance for us to see a Starfield Together mod after the modder gave up on the project, the game remains one of the highly modded titles on Nexus, sitting on the #12 rank in mod count.

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