Starfield Smartphone App Incoming?

Todd Howard on stage
Credit: E3

Todd Howard on stage
Credit: E3

Starfield isn't just a game; it's an event. Fans across the globe are waiting with bated breath for each new content drop from Bethesda. If we were to be rewarded for our patience with a Starfield app or mobile game, millions of fans would download it.

The date is almost upon us; either September 1 for Premium Edition buyers or September 6 for Standard Edition will see players take to the sky and explore the galaxy. Could a mobile app or game be on its way to complement the main game?

Fallout Shelter

Logo for Fallout Shelter with vault boy giving his trademark thumbs up
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Credit: Bethesda
By June 2020, more than 170 million copies were downloaded!

Back when Fallout 4 was announced during E3 2015, Todd Howard surprised fans by announcing a mobile game tie-in. That game was Fallout Shelter, a fun little base-building/management title meant as nothing more than a piece of promotional advertising for Fallout 4.

It turned out that to prevent heavy monetisation and to prevent profit-and-loss reports, they used a portion of the marketing budget to pay for development. A genius move from Todd Howard and one Bethesda may be keen for him to repeat with Starfield.

A Starfield app or mobile game would definitely satisfy their devoted audiences' hunger while complimenting the full game. Oh, and in case you think they wouldn't spend that money again - Fallout Shelter has been downloaded and played more than all of Bethesda's previous titles combined.

Constellation Watch

Todd Howard wears the constellation watch
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Credit: Bethesda
Todd loves his watch

The Constellation Edition of Starfield is a thing of beauty, the highlight being the watch shown off at the Starfield Direct. One of the best collectors edition pieces, the watch is lifted directly from the game.

We think it may have a few tricks up its sleeve. The physical Pip-Boy from the Fallout 4 collector's edition had its very own tie-in app. This app synced with the game and acted like a cool second screen.

We do have confirmation that the watch will receive a companion app via the official Starfield website. According to the FAQ section:

  • The Starfield Chronomark watch will have basic functionality that works out of the box such as time and date. Other features will require you to pair to the companion app and update firmware. The companion app and firmware updates will require an internet connection.

  • Your Starfield Constellation Edition will provide a QR code used to download the companion app. The app itself will include a user manual for the Starfield Chronomark Watch.

Whether this app will actually have any in-game functionality is unknown at this time; we will update this article accordingly once the information is available. There could be a real-time map within the app that you can sync to Starfield, like the Fallout 4 companion app featured.

That said, as nice as a Starfield app would be, Starfield Shelter would be incredible to play alongside the main game. Starfield Outposts? Take that one for free, Bethesda; you're welcome.

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