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starfield aliens

starfield aliens

If you’re one of those players who think that the Starfield ecosystem needs more animal variations, this new mod in Nexus should be to your liking. This mod is called The Alien Diversification Project and aims to address the concern that there are not many animals in Starfield.

Go ahead and download the mod in Nexus through this link.

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Credit: Nexus

The project does not create new fauna; rather, it recolors the existing templates installed by the game on your computer. For instance, if you want a Braincage to be colored red on one planet and blue on another, you’ll want to install this mod on your computer.

Of course, it can do more than that as the modder works to update the mod. In the description, you can find that one of his goals is to rescale existing creatures so there are opportunities to find juveniles when exploring planets.

Another goal is to tweak the built-in AI so that there is more diversity in response to circadian rhythms among fauna. In other words, the mod wants the creatures that appear in the same biome to differ when it’s night and daytime.

However, one of the updates we are looking forward to is the possibility of witnessing creatures attack members of their own species. This tweak will add much realism to Starfield’s zoology aspect.

However, the modder said that some of these changes may only be possible once Bethesda releases the official Creation Kit for Starfield. Todd Howard had said that this will arrive next year, 2024.

Lead developers Will Shen, who had recently resigned from Bethesda, and Emil Pagliarulo held a Q&A session on August 16 through the Bethesda Studios Discord channel.

However, the topic of modding seemingly didn’t come up as Todd Howard was the one to break the news about official mod support a few weeks after launch.

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