Starfield Dev Q&A Announced

Two developers sit at a computer using shipbuilder
Credit: Bethesda

Two developers sit at a computer using shipbuilder
Credit: Bethesda

Bethesda has announced a Starfield Q&A session with two developers, so maybe more juicy information is just around the corner! Got questions about Starfield? We bet you do! The marketing push is slowly building as we approach launch, but there are still things left unanswered about the sci-fi epic we need to know.

Expectations for Starfield are at such a high level, due to Bethesda's pedigree. With hit franchises Fallout and The Elder Scrolls receiving multiple accolades and Game of the Year awards, Starfield has a high bar to reach. We only have a few weeks left before we get to experience the massive space adventure at home.


The poster advertising the q&a session with the developers
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Credit: Bethesda
I wonder what will be revealed?

The Starfield direct in June gave us a good look at a lot of features that we can expect to enjoy this September at launch. However, there was still much left unsaid, and we want to know more!

Bethesda has announced a Starfield Q&A session with two of their developers on August 16 at 1:00 pm Eastern Time. The developers taking part in the session are Will Shen who is the Lead Quest Designer and Emil Pagliarulo, the Lead Game Designer.

The Starfield Q&A session will take place on the official Starfield Discord channel. You can sign up for free to the channel by heading to the official website and clicking sign up.

We are unsure exactly how in-depth Bethesda will permit them to go into unannounced features of Starfield. This is because of a tweet a few weeks back from another Starfield developer, Emil Pagliarulo. Emil posted on -

"I know this isn't what any @StarfieldGame fan wants to hear from me, but I feel like I need to make this clear: no one other than Todd Howard himself is authorized to talk publicly about unreleased game info. That's the job of of our PR/marketing/community folks."

Hopefully, we will get at least a peak at something new during this wait before launch. Either way, the hype is real and Starfield will be here in less than a month.

Starfield is almost here, the massive space-exploring RPG will definitely be in contention for being the Game of the Year 2023. Starfield releases on September 6 on Xbox and PC, premium edition buyers will get 5 days of early access starting September 1.

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