Gold Road Is Coming to Elder Scrolls Online

eso gold road

eso gold road

The Elder Scrolls Online Global Reveal event has come and gone. We, the fans and avid gamers of Bethesda’s multiplayer online RPG based in the world of Tamriel, now have something to look forward to in the year's second half.

We’re talking about the Gold Road Expansion announced during the event, slated for release in June this year. It’s coming in two parts - the first part rolls out to PC and Mac on June 3, while the version for the Xbox and PlayStation consoles will be released two weeks later on June 18.

So, what’s the story of this expansion?

According to Bethesda’s official X account, the expansion will show the West Weald area of Cyrodiil and the city of Skingrad. Does that sound familiar? It’s because Skingrad features prominently in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Gold Road also finally reveals the 18th Daedric Prince, Ithelia. Ithelia first entered Elder Scrolls fans' consciousness during the Necrom chapter's announcement last year. The Daedric Prince will be in the middle of a power struggle, in which the Recollection will aid her. As the player, you will become involved in this region's politics.

It’s only five months before the expansion rolls out, but you can pre-order Gold Road now and receive Welkyndstone Ruins Wolf Mount and Pup Pet as an exclusive reward!

Elder Scrolls Online will also celebrate its 10th anniversary last year, starting with a two-day kicker event in April in the Netherlands. Many other events will follow worldwide until June 2025, including parties in the United States and Japan.

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