ESO Healers Are Having the Same Job Class Problem As With Any MMO: Party Members Who Won't Sit Still

image of gold road poster
Credit: Bethesda

image of gold road poster
Credit: Bethesda

Most MMORPGs have the same usual job class archetypes: tanks, damage dealers, healers, and mages, and The Elder Scrolls Online is no different.

With the game’s recent Gold Road update, players are encouraged to group up for the Lucent Citadel Trials and as well as the Mirrormoor Excursions.

Classes of all kinds can group up to solve one common problem, but it seems like ESO’s healers are facing the same type of problem as with any other MMOs: party members who can’t sit still and be healed and then end up dying because of being too far away from the group.

Originally posted on Reddit by user u/is-Sanic, they shared their frustrating yet funny experience trying to keep restless damage dealers alive during dungeon raids, even comparing them to newborn cats.

They sent a message to all damage dealers about how healers have to do their job and ended it with the sentence, “Please stop running away from me.” This makes it sound like almost all damage dealers they have partied with are jumpy critters running away from any dungeon fight.

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This hilarious sentiment was echoed by fellow healers in the thread. One player even enumerated various reasons why healers are blamed in every scenario, with one funny line saying, “Get knocked off a cliff, blame the healer.”

The thread has started to become a meme, making fun of how damage dealers in ESO run mindlessly and then blame the healer for literally everything else.

image of gold road poster
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Credit: Bethesda

MMORPGs have different classes to synchronize and synergize with the rest of the party members to deliver an optimal result, whether doing PvPs or dungeon raids.

A party composed of only tank classes will not do much damage to a boss compared to a party with various roles, so it is best to communicate and follow the party’s plan to succeed in these activities.

Whether you prefer to stand and provide support as a healer or become one of the most annoying party members regardless of your class, follow Starfield Portal to stay updated with the latest Bethesda news.

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