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starfield ship

starfield ship

By now, Starfield players have become known for their amazingly innovative ship designs that they put to life in Ship Builder. We’ve seen almost everything - a ship so large that it feels like a space station and recreations of iconic vessels from other franchises.

However, this entry for our Ship of the Week feature reminds us that there is still a lot that we haven’t seen when it comes to unusual ship designs.

This is the first time somebody in Starfield has created a ship with an excessively long bow resembling a nose. The forward part is so long that it fills the entire screen when the ship is viewed from the side.

The builder, Joshohoho, uploaded a minute-long video showcasing his creation on Reddit. Despite its decidedly odd appearance, the ship can actually turn sharp due to its extended front part. The tip of the ship has a ballistic cannon packing a lot of power - any opponent would have to target that portion first before it can get to the cockpit.

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Credit: Reddit

Thus, while it looks like a space swordfish, the vessel can hold its own in space combat due to the distance between the bow and the cockpit. That ballistic cannon will make short work of any opposition before that happens.

Due to its unusual design and surprising functionality, we’ve picked this ship for our weekly feature. This swordfish will be in our gallery for a week and featured in a special video.

Bethesda dropped its long-awaited patch two days ago to add native DLSS support for PCs with Nvidia GPUs. You can participate in the open beta on the Steam Beta platform and see how it feels before the full patch is released.

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