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starfield mission control

starfield mission control

Starfield is vast, and its scope sometimes makes us feel like everything’s all over the place. More often than not, missions can be that way with the boards scattered in locations throughout the Settled Systems.

Now, how would you like it if there was a centralized location - right in the palm of your in-game hand - where you can access all mission information?

You don’t need to use your imagination now because you can download a mod from Nexus to make that possible!

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Credit: Nexus

Your first step is to look for the mod named “Mission Control.” It’s only two days old, and there are already 250 unique downloads and 2,198 total views in that period. Now, let’s take a look at the mod’s features.

One of the most important features of the Mission Control mod is ease of access. Once installed, your player will find a Mission Control item in his/her inventory. This will allow you to access your Mission Board anytime, anywhere.

The mod provides comprehensive information about the mission. For instance, it will inform you whether or not you can take on the mission. Playable missions will also include details on how or where to start the quest manually. Even dialogue guides are available to show you the most optimal options for the best quest outcome.

This is a vital quality-of-life mod that you should add to your load order until after the Creation Kit becomes available. We’re still counting the days until this is so, which Todd Howard had promised will take place sometime this year.

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