A Whole New Perspective Awaits With One Simple Change

starfield hud

starfield hud

The heads-up display is essential to the action RPG experience, especially in Bethesda games like Starfield, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls. The HUD provides players important information like ammo, hit points, and direction.

For this Redditor, however, the HUD’s appearance became a source of boredom for them. They decided to turn the HUD off in a fly, which, they say, totally changed what they see in Starfield. They say that Starfield feels like a different game with the HUD off.

Look at one of the screenshots player No-Patience8984 uploaded to his Reddit thread.

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Credit: Reddit

Indeed, with the HUD gone, the visuals in Starfield take on a different feel. Sure, you may recognize some aspects of the game, but the absence of the HUD makes the game feel more laid back.

The Redditor then remarked that they wished that Red Dead Redemption 2 would have an option that they could turn the HUD off without having to go through a menu like they did in Starfield.

We daresay that the player is bound to remember what game he is playing when the creepy bug that makes NPCs stare at you begins to rear its head. This glitch figures prominently in a scripted Honest Conference video where an AI-voiced Todd Howard candidly discusses all the issues plaguing the game.

Mods have helped improve Starfield's gaming experience, but there is still no Creation Kit available. However, it may be looming on the horizon as Bethesda has announced that the Creation Club will be down for maintenance from November 29 onwards.

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