Bethesda Share Winter Theme Planets Compilation

starfield winter theme planet character on tall mountain

starfield winter theme planet character on tall mountain

Bethesda recently released a compilation of some planets with snow-covered terrains in the spirit of the holiday season and with winters in full swing. The post wished everyone a happy first day of winter and asked players to share their favorite winter planets. We got to see a lot of really cool, chilly planets.

Bethesda's Winter Theme Planet Compilation

Bethesda released a short spacewalk video about the snow terrain on the following planets.

  • Akila
  • Nira
  • Sagan I
  • Jemison

To be honest, this list is pretty tame, and they have nothing on them compared to the snowy wonderlands that players managed to find.

Our Locations For Best Winter Planets

If you're looking for a true snowy habitat to chill(no pun intended) and build an outpost, players were enthusiastic to share screenshots of their favorite snowy habitats. You can check out the thread yourself!

  • Masada III: One of the most impressive and vast snowfields we've seen in the game, leading to towering mountains above the clouds. Images shared by user @CosmosThief.
starfield winter theme planet masada iii
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  • Denebola I-b: Another giant snowfield, but this time, it's full of trees and surrounded by a desert. An impressive landscape contrast was found by user @thedatawizardtv.
starfield winter theme planet denebola
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  • Schrödinger III: Another impressive contrast between lush swampy ponds and towering snow-capped peaks was found on the planet Schrödinger III by user @Bliss_Hughes
starfield winter theme planet schrodinger iii
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  • Huygens VII-d: Hyugens VII-d is a snow-covered moon with barely any atmosphere orbiting it and provides a brilliant view of the rings of its planet. This might be it if you're looking for the loneliest cold planet. Posted by user @Bliss_Hughes
starfield winter theme planet hyugens vii-d
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  • Procyon III: A very cool spacewalk compilation was posted by user @morcejo_gaming, and one of the planets included the snow-covered Procyon III, where they walked in front of a giant mantis. This might be the best spot if you want to breed an army of Mantis in the snowfields.
starfield winter theme planet procyon iii
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If you're still looking for more snowy winter-themed planets, you might also want to check out the following!

  • Suvorov
  • Ursa Major III
  • Sirius III-b
  • Heisenberg IV

That concludes this list of some of the best winter planets we've found in Starfield. If you plan on looking for more exotic planets, check out our Outpost of the Week or list of best planets.

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