Outpost of the Week - River Bridge Outpost

starfield outpost of the week outpost on top of a river

starfield outpost of the week outpost on top of a river

The Outpost of the Week we've chosen is the River Bridge Outpost. It is aesthetically pleasing, and the location chosen is unique.

Despite all the thousands of planets in Starfield and some simply brimming with water, rivers are rare. We haven't seen many of these occurring naturally on most planets, and they usually run into lakes. However, one player found a scenic river and decided to make it his new home base.

Not only is the outpost placed in a rare and aesthetic location, but the layout and design make it look like a totally different game. Dividing the outpost into sections across the river and building bridges over it gives it a neat and divided look. Each nearby pond has its own hab with a terrace overlooking the water. It makes you want to dive into that personal space pool (as long as it's not dangerous).

river outpost
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However, the distancing and diversity between the structures make this Outpost look unique. You wouldn't be blamed for mistaking this Outpost for a base in an RTS game. The only things missing here are hordes of enemies launching waves of assaults on the fortress as various companions, turrets, and other defenses fight them off!

If you're curious about a planet with a naturally occurring river, you can head to Nemeria IV-a, where the creator found this scenic location. Maybe someone can build an even better RTS defense base! If you plan on being that person, be sure to brush up on all the essentials of outpost building!

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