Ship of the Week - Formula 1 Ship Appears in Starfield

formula 1 starfield

formula 1 starfield

It’s been over two months since Starfield launched, and we’ve seen for ourselves that there’s no shortage of ship builds by Bethesda’s latest space explorer players. That’s why we have our Ship of the Week picks - to showcase those creations from the playing community.

Our pick for this week took a long time, but it doesn’t matter because it’s here now. We’re talking about the Formula 1 ship that appeared on the Facebook Xbox Gaming Community group.

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Credit: Facebook/Xbox Gaming Community

You can see why we’ve picked this for ship to feature in our video and gallery for this week. The accuracy of the design is incredible, given the limitations in terms of shape that Starfield’s ship parts impose on its builders. They even got the color right in this one.

Unfortunately, the user who uploaded it to the Facebook group posted only three images and no video. The caption says it was built by Reddit user da_bacon_man, but a quick search of Reddit yielded no results. Too bad, we would have loved to see how this ship performs in combat!

Always remember to use the hashtag #PortalSnapshot when you post your creations, explorers! That’s how we look for the ship builds we feature weekly. This ship will be featured in a special video and will remain in our gallery for seven days.

You should also check this unusual build - a ship with a very long bow. Mind you, this ship can turn faster than any other ship in Starfield because of its unconventional bow length, and it can give pirates the hardest time of their lives to steal!

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