Starfield Special Sauce Walkthrough

starfield special sauce paradiso chunks branch

starfield special sauce paradiso chunks branch

The Chunks at New Homestead has run out of sauce and lost its unique chunky flavor. Help them get some more of that tangy goodness.

How to Unlock Special Sauce

Go to Titan, the moon of Saturn located in the Sol System, and enter New Homestead. Make your way down into the museum area. Look to your right, and you'll see the brand-new Chunks shop. Speak to the manager, Luthor, to start the quest.

starfield special sauce new homestead chunks branch employee waving
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Special Sauce Walkthrough

Speak to Luthor Atlanta

Luthor is a big fan of Chunks and everything related to it. However, he has been concerned about them running out of the special Chunks sauce. Lucas' wife runs the Brown Horse Tavern, and together, they want to introduce that flavor to Chunks across the galaxy. For now, you need to help him get business booming by getting a delivery of special sauce from a nearby Chunks branch.

starfield special sauce speak to luthor
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Go to Paradiso

Head to the Porima Star System and land on Paradiso on Porima II. Your goal is to get to the local Chunks branch, which has promised delivery of special sauce for Luthor back at New Homestead.

Speak to Clara Lyon and Get the Special Sauce

Speak to the manager, Clara Lyon, at this upsize Chunks, and she'll be pretty cooperative about handing over the sauce. She'll be surprised at how quickly it has been running out at New Homestead. Just ignore the terrible French accent.

starfield special sauce speak to clara lyon
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Return to Luthor

Make your delivery of Chunks special sauce to Luthor, who will be delighted. He'll give you your payment, and this will complete the quest.

luthor chunks
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Special Sauce Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Random Chunks Item

If you're craving some Chunks, check out this fan creation of an authentic real-life Chunks cube.

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