Experience a New Kind of Space Combat With APOGEE

starfield space combat

starfield space combat

The space combat in Starfield is one of the game’s defining features, but they currently lack the punch needed to awe a seasoned RPG player.

Even the people behind The Honest Trailers describe space combat in Bethesda’s latest game as pure vanilla but with more options for motion sickness.

Such criticism has led some players to think that Starfield might lose out to Squadron 42, whose developers released a gameplay walkthrough for their patrons early this month.

Bethesda has yet to announce updates that will officially refresh Starfield’s space combat system, but you can try the APOGEE mod. It’s free on Nexus mods.

Installing the mod results in numerous improvements in Starfield’s dogfighting system. Engines become faster by default and even faster as the player’s Starship Design level goes up. The mod also provides a perk that allows players to purchase more advanced versions of maneuvering thrusters as they level up.

Ship design also receives upgrades from the APOGEE mod. It tweaks the various ship manufacturers in Starfield and gives their wares distinct features you cannot find from the other brands.

This new feature encourages more discriminate “shopping,” so you can find the best parts necessary for the build you have in mind.

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Credit: Nexus

Lastly, laser and ballistic weapons have been improved to compete with Particle Beams regarding damage, range, and power consumption.

The modder said this is just an initial version of what they planned. For instance, they want to rebalance ship weapons further and make Aim Models more accurate.

At this point, after Starfield’s release, modders have made possible several unique experiences for the playing community. One of these is turning Earth into a resource-rich, ecologically diverse jungle planet rather than the barren one Bethesda designed initially.

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