Life Returns to Earth in Starfield

earth starfield

earth starfield

Starfield tells the tale of a humanity that has expanded its horizons and built colonies all across the galaxy. Earth, however, has become a barren wasteland after a Grav Drive prototype went awry and decimated the atmosphere.

Except for a few structures like the NASA facility in Cape Canaveral, there is almost nothing to explore on humanity’s home planet. However, that isn’t always the case, thanks to this new mod that says “Earth Restored.”

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Credit: Nexus

Using this mod, Earth in Starfield becomes a Jungle planet instead of a wasteland. This means you can now explore your ancestors’ home planet like any other planet in Starfield’s galaxy.

The mod also implants plenty of resources on Earth that you can collect by building outposts.

You can also encounter a diverse ecosystem of flora and fauna, which the system has marked as abundant when installing this mod. There are also oceans with creatures, making Earth one of the most challenging planets to survey.

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Credit: Nexus
The restored Jungles of Earth.

The mod is currently in version 1.2. The update added custom climates for Earth, so you may also encounter sandstorms, rain, snow, and thunderstorms while exploring the planet.

The modder warns you must be on another planet before loading this mod. You cannot load this mod if you’re already on Earth because the environment would be different. If so, you can leave the planet, load the mod, and land again to see the change.

As always, save your game and back it up before using this mod to have a fallback if your game breaks.

Beginning September 1, Starfield’s early access offer attracted the attention of social media influencers and people in the scientific community, including Lex Fridman. Fridman even hosted a Reddit AMA while playing Starfield, where he answered people’s questions about the game and anything in general.

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