Honest Game Trailers Finally Features Starfield

honest game trailers starfield

honest game trailers starfield

It’s been almost a month since the launch of Bethesda’s newest open-world exploration role-playing game, Starfield. The game has since broken the 10-million milestone in player count, becoming Bethesda’s biggest launch in its history.

After considerable clamor from the fanbase, the equally popular YouTube channel Honest Game Trailers finally created a piece around Bethesda’s latest intellectual property. True to form, the trailer brutally and honestly narrated what players can expect when they decide to play Starfield.

We’re sharing the trailer below.

The trailer hilariously described the game as the story of a “hapless miner” who came across The Artifact, after which he decides to become a “big-time space explorer.” The narrator then makes a reference to Armageddon, wondering why Michael Bay decided it’s easier to train miners to become astronauts instead of the other way around.

The video also takes a dig at actual space travel, stating that you can only see space as a number of loading screens and that many of the planets in Starfield are empty and barren.

The narrator rationalizes this as Todd Howard just telling players that Star Trek was a liar for showing that there’s plenty of life in space.

We laughed most at the section where the trailer describes the popular Ship Builder mode. The narrator says that you will spend hours creating your own ship but ultimately abandon the effort when you can steal other spacefarer’s ships and make them your own.

Last but not least, the trailer brutally dissects the game’s dogfight mechanics, describing it as just any encounter but with more room for motion sickness.

If you need a good laugh after a hard day’s work, check out the full video when you can!

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