New Royal Space Magic Mod

starfield royal space magic mod

starfield royal space magic mod

I managed to play over 100 hours of Starfield without using any power other than Anti-Gravity because the game never truly incentivized me to go looking for them. Normally, I'd stand by this way of playing the game, as console commands felt too cheesy. However, things might change for me and other players waiting for a better experience with Powers because of the Royal Space Magic Mod.

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The Royal Space Magic Mod on NexusMods was created and uploaded by user JaeDL, who is also responsible for several other mods and modlists that aim to rebalance the game for a better casual experience. He provided a complete list of all the detailed changes in this mod. If you're unfamiliar with all the Powers in Starfield, it's a lot to go through.

To break it down and summarize what JaeDL has done, we can see that Power upgrades have been changed to be more meaningful. High-cost utility Powers have had costs lowered enough to allow offensive Powers to be used in conjunction. Almost every power has received minor tweaks, with some receiving major overhauls in how they function.

Each change made in the Royal Space Magic mod is deliberate and is intended to provide a much better experience while using Starborn Powers. We suggest checking out more of JaeDL's work, as their mods might become some of the must-have mods for any beginner to enjoy Starfield in the best way possible.

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