Starfield Proper Tea Theft Walkthrough

Starfield Proper Tea Theft Walkthrough

Starfield Proper Tea Theft Walkthrough

Proper Tea Theft is a side quest in Starfield that has you steal the recipe for the famous Tanquilitea for a cafe manager in Paradiso.

How to Unlock Proper Tea Theft

To start the quest, head to the Paradiso Resort on Porrima II. Enter the resort’s lobby and take a left, where you should spot Kumar managing the Cafe Lux counter.

starfield proper tea theft speak to kumar
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Speak with Kumar to start the Proper Tea Theft. He tells you about a plan to obtain the Tranquilitea secret recipe if you can lend a hand.

Proper Tea Theft Walkthrough

Obtain the Tanquilitea Secret Recipe

Make your way to the elevator and head up to Paradiso Resort’s Rooftop Terrace. Here, you must find and speak with a woman named Roman Masterson. There are a few methods you can use to get the recipe:

  • Persuade Roman Masterson with a 7 bar check.
  • Pay Roman Masterson 4000 Credits.
starfield proper tea theft persuade or bribe masterson
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  • Steal from Roman Masterson using the Theft skill.
starfield proper tea theft steal from roman masterson
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  • Assassinate Roman Masterson and take the recipe from her body. Yeah, this is overkill.

Return to Kumar

Return to Cafe Lux in the lobby and speak with Kumar to hand over the secret recipe and complete the quest.

starfield proper tea theft give tea recipe to kumar
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Persuade Kumar to Get More Credits(Optional)

Before you end the quest, you can ask Kumar for more Credits through a Persuasion check. Successfully persuading him will give you 2,500 Credits extra.

starfield proper tea theft persuade kumar for more credits
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With this, you have completed the mission, and a new food item also becomes available in Cafe Lux’s stock, although you may have to wait a bit for the item to appear in their inventory.

Proper Tea Theft Quest Rewards

  • XP - 50
  • Credits - Level Dependant + 2500 if you Persuade

This concludes our little tea-stealing side quest. For more quests in Paradiso, try the Lost and Found quest next!

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