What’s That Skull Doing On Top of a Chimney in Starfield?

halo starfield

halo starfield

Starfield features a vast galaxy full of inhabited and barren worlds the player can visit or explore. A stunning detail catches a player’s attention in one particular adventure, even if it means boosting up to the top of a particularly tall chimney.

What’s this detail? It’s a skull, but it’s not just any skull. The player, SamuRai_News24, immediately uploaded the video to Reddit to solicit other player’s opinions.

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Credit: Reddit
What's the skull?

The thread went alive with comments confirming that it’s a skull with glowing eyes. This, they say, is a reference to another space-oriented game, Halo. In other words, it’s one of those other Easter Eggs that Bethesda’s game devs have placed into the game.

What makes this unique, however, is that Bethesda does not develop Halo. It was created by the game company Bungie. The franchise nowadays belongs to 343 Industries, another studio under Microsoft like Bethesda.

What did the OP do to the skull? We want to think he collected it, but he blasted it to smithereens at the end of the video.

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Credit: Reddit

Bethesda has placed several Easter Eggs in Starfield, including those from the well-loved Fallout franchise. One such egg is a cloning pod in an abandoned facility in Charybdis III, which was labeled with information about V108 and the year 2277.

Players were quick to point out that V108 is a clear reference to Vault 108, and the year 2277 refers to Fallout 3, which takes place in that year. Further cementing the Easter Egg is the name of the subject: Gary_23, one of many clones that lived in Vault 108 in that Fallout installment.

As for the Fallout franchise, the games are due to receive a live-action series that will premiere on April 12th of next year. It will be released on Amazon's Prime Video service.

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