Players Uploads Awesome Battle Snaps With Emissary and Hunter

starborn starfield

starborn starfield

If there’s one feature of Starfield that we love with no ropes attached, it’s the Photo Mode. This feature lets you freeze moments in the game and make some captures for posterity’s sake.

The choice of moment depends on the player’s artistic and historical sense. This one, however, seems to have designs on becoming a Hollywood action film director - or so our take on the screenshot says.

The capture shows the player shooting at somebody offscreen with a Starborn, probably the Emissary.

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Credit: X/richiejsmith83

The other pictures in the user’s gallery at X show that he is fighting against the Hunter and the Emissary before entering the Unity. However, one capture makes it appear she is siding with one of them.

User richiejsmith83 explained that he had rejected both Starborn’s beliefs regarding who should be holding the Artifacts and entering the Unity and that he is actually in combat against both in his captures.

Well, we’ve got to say this - everyone goes through this since this is the final dungeon of the base game, but not all have decided to take the time to prolong the combat to take some action movie shots of the last mission.

The final quest has the player choose between the Emissary, who wants to limit who gets to enter the Unity and gain the knowledge, and the Hunter, who wants to give that knowledge to humanity.

However, a player can reject both and fight them twice at the end of the quest, although the fight before the Unity can be avoided if the player has high Persuasion.

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