Redditors Fill Crate With Chunks

chunks starfield

chunks starfield

Outposts are excellent storage facilities in Starfield, especially when you decide to build them big. The larger the area they occupy, the more items they can accommodate WHILE hosting your gaming rooms, conference rooms, offices, and living spaces.

Even with those rooms included in your interior design, the way the components of the outpost are laid out in the interiors all but ensures that there’s always room for crates containing your stuff.

This Redditor, in particular, seems to have an acute understanding of his priorities.

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Credit: Reddit

That’s because he devoted an entire supply crate to a shipment of CHUNKS! That makes sense because Chunks are Starfield’s version of the current US military’s Meals Ready to Eat (MRE) rations. You can pack them in your spacesuit and simply pry open the packaging to take a bit when needed.

Not to mention that Chunks also comes in a huge spectrum of flavors and tastes!

The most interesting part about this discovery is that the Chunks this player has stocked up on do not have any information on what they actually are! The default packaging for the game is opaque, from which you can tell what flavor of chunks you are looking at.

There’s also a mod that puts the Chunks in packaging similar to the one in the image, but the plastic box is clear rather than covered like this.

Unfortunately, our Redditor is playing on Xbox, so the contents of his stockpiled Chunks would remain a mystery until mods are available for console. As they say, however, it is the journey that counts, not the destination.

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