What Would You Do if You Lost Your Saved Game?

starfield save

starfield save

Saving games have been a staple of gaming since the technology that allows saved states first appeared. Of course, advanced games like Starfield let you save your game so you can pick up where you left off when you need to exit and come back later.

Imagine the horror of returning to your game and finding your saves obliterated from your PC or console.

That is the predicament Reddit user PhonedZero found himself in after he allowed his 13-year-old son to use his GamePass account to download the game to his PC. When he returned to the game on Xbox, it was his son’s character he was playing as and not his own.

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Credit: Reddit

Thinking that his saved game was lost, PhonedZero started afresh with a brand new character to whom he put in at least 3 hours.

Many users came to his rescue, with one of them informing him that he could “restore” his saved game by simply logging out of his son’s character and changing back into his own.

Thankfully, when he looked at the options, the character was still there with four days, 20 hours, and 25 minutes of work he put in.

PhonedZero added that they have decided to get the kid his Gold account to avoid such a fiasco.

Multiple characters are a great way to experience Starfield from different perspectives, as each character can be built differently. However, it can be monotonous from the start as each character spawns in the same spot.

This can be remedied by installing the Alternate Start mod, which randomizes each character’s beginning location and makes it more challenging to proceed to your first quest.

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