Graffiti Art Found in The Well Could Hint Towards Starfield Future Content

starfield chunks

starfield chunks

Someone took the time to visit The Well in Starfield and got some positive feedback on a photograph. This user, Inside-Intern-8492, decided it would be great to take a few more pictures while they visited the graffiti-laden point of interest.

They make some interesting discoveries.

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Credit: Reddit/Insider-Intern-8492
Right in the heart...

The four pictures, uploaded to a Reddit thread, include an image of an unlikely icon to be found in the middle of the United Colonies. This icon is the Freestar Collective icon - a symbol of a bird launching up towards a star.

Displaying their sense of humor, the uploader captioned the picture: “Freestar pride in the heart of the UC.”

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Credit: Reddit/Insider-Intern-8492
You've been warned

The picture of Benjamin Bayu, however, is more attention-grabbing. The picture is black ink drawn directly into the wall in graffiti style. Bayu’s image is distinctive because this rendering reveals an uncanny similarity to a 20th-century personality that plunged Europe into chaos.

It even had a warning: “Don’t Eat Chunx.” Why the artist would make such a proclamation against Chunks, however, is beyond our understanding.

The last two pictures in the collection, however, are more pedestrian. The first one is a symbol of the House Va’Ruun, with the text: “They are coming.” The second picture is an embossed graphic of the House of the Enlightened, reminiscent of an HBO TV show based on an unfinished book series.

Well, Inside-Intern-8492, we thank you for your quick eye. We just walked by these the many times we’ve visited The Well.

Speaking of Photo Mode, check out this fantastic picture taken by an X user while he is duking it out with the Starborn Emissary and Hunter just before entering Unity.

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