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player approaches dark corner in starfield
Credit: Reddit

player approaches dark corner in starfield
Credit: Reddit

Howdy, explorers! How is your week so far? It’s been good here at Starfield Portal; we’re getting ready to showcase our latest Photo of the Week selection. This brings life to the old saying, 'Simplicity is beauty.'

We’ll let you judge this entry for itself. Below is the picture, which was captured by Reddit user Malakai_420.

starfield player snaps aliens vibe
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Credit: Reddit

As we said above, this picture is simple, but, like most pictures, it speaks a thousand words. However, what caught our eye are the red and green hues that make up the majority of the image. These colors set a somber tone, making us wonder: “What is the player’s character doing?”

Another reason why we picked it is the fact that it reminds us of a science-fiction/horror film. It does have an Ellen Ripley vibe or the Whaling Station scene from the first Alien vs Predator film.

We’re always looking for amazing pictures to feature in our weekly gallery. It will also be featured in a special video that will be available on our website for seven days.

If you’d like to get featured, upload your video and photos to your socials and attach the hashtag #PortalSnapshot!

Did you know you could change the depth of field when traveling space on board your Starfield ship? All you need to do is tweak the fov while your ship is flying, like this X user did!

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