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aliens ripley starfield

aliens ripley starfield

By now, we’d probably have seen all crossovers of other franchises into Starfield. We saw a retexturing of armor into the T-800 endoskeleton from Terminator, which James Cameron directed.

Now, somebody created a mod that designs a character to become Ellen Ripley, the protagonist of the Alien film series, also created by James Cameron, who the excellent Sigourney Weaver portrayed.

The neat thing about the timing is that the costume mod arrived just in time for Halloween, where scary things are considered afoot! Check the costume out below.

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Credit: Nexus

This mod, Ellen Ripley’s Nostromo Flight Suit, retextures the blue worker jumpsuit into a replica of Ripley’s flight suit in the 1979 sci-fi horror film “Alien.” She wears this flight suit when she wakes up in the USCSS Nostromo after cryogenic sleep.

Aside from retexturing the jumpsuit, the mod also creates a character preset to transform your character into the likeness of Ellen Ripley.

It’s high time to give this costume, which comes from one of the scariest science fiction films in recent history, a try for a Halloween Starfield session.

If dressing up as Ellen Ripley is not your cup of tea, you can instead check out a set of mods that transforms the Starfield universe into Mass Effect. Mass Effect is another science fiction shooter game that the gaming community loves, and the N7 costumes look cool!

While in Halloween mode, why not try the mod that animates the mannequins and makes them follow you around? It will undoubtedly add more horror vibes to your Halloween gaming experience.

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