Ship of the Week - Dragon Ball’s Shenron

shenron starfield

shenron starfield

This is unexpected because Dragon Ball Z was never a science fiction anime, although it did have aliens. However, somebody was busy in the Starfield Ship Builder, creating a cool ship based on the dragon Shenron.

In Dragon Ball Z, Shenron is the dragon that appears whenever the seven Dragon Balls are gathered together. He grants one wish to the user, which Goku and friends have used to their benefit several times throughout the series.

The shape of a dragon, which resembles a great serpent in the anime, is not something you can easily build a ship around. However, Reddit user Fluffidios managed to do so. Here’s a picture of his creation.

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Credit: Nexus

According to the Redditor, it took him two whole days to perfect his creation since the shape is odd, being round rather than angular. There's also the dragon's head, which is difficult to replicate given the parts available in Starfield.

However, based on the results, he did just fine. He even has a Red version of the ship aside from the Green.

Unfortunately, he says, his ship cannot grant him any wish, although it flies and shoots like any ship.

One user asked how the ship was built, to which Fluffidios responded with a link to a video breaking down how he made the Shenron ship. You can watch the video below if you'd like.

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