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Shipbuilder in Starfield is made especially for those players who decided that the base ships, like the Frontier or the Razorleaf, are not up to their standards in aesthetics or performance. Thus, the game’s most creative or inquisitive users can create various ship builds.

This week, we’re featuring a ship called the White Knight, built by Reddit user 4noteprogression. Check out how sleek and clean this ship looks!

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Credit: Reddit/4noteprogression

According to the builder, this is only version 1.3, which means that, in the future, he’ll be working more on this particular model. What’s remarkable is that this was built from the ground up and, presumably, without mods.

As for stats, the ship is powered by a B-32 reactor and can do jumps up to 29 lightyears in distance. Furthermore, the creator said that they worked carefully to balance power, speed, and cargo capacity at 3589.

Should they wish to resell this ship for credits, they would earn 56709 in cash!

Why did he build this ship? Well, 4noteprogression said that he decided to ditch the Razorleaf and build a ship of his design—Voila - the White Knight 1.3.

Despite its balanced stats, the ship has proven itself in combat. Imagine how powerful this vessel will be once the builder can convert it into a Class C model, the most powerful class in Starfield, just below the unusable M-class capital vessels.

There is a mod that lets you board and hijack M-class battleships, but it is prone to breaking your game. These powerful ships of the line should be made available in the future through a patch or the upcoming Creation Kit, which should drop any time this year.

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