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The concept of the Multiverse is not new, not even to the guys who designed Starfield for Bethesda Game Studios. It has been explored in comic books, came up in films both in and out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and in books.

Now, there’s a thread on Reddit that attempts to explain the concept of infinity and the multiverses in general, not just Starfield. The user, Khajiit_hairball, has come up with an explanation of infinity that’s very easy to understand.

In a nutshell, the user likened the multiverse concept to a tree. Your main reality is the trunk, and the branches that come out of that trunk are the possible deviations from your reality. Once you’ve picked a branch - made a decision that steered your life in a certain direction -- you can no longer return to the trunk.

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The perfect image to describe the multiverse

Many branches can appear out of that single branch, each representing a specific path you might take or decide on. That’s the flow of your main reality, but it isn’t the only reality. There is an undetermined number of possible realities that could be taking place at the same time.

In addition, although there are infinite possibilities on how our life could go, we are limited only to a specific range of possible universes whose possibilities are dictated by our decisions or events beyond our control that affect us greatly.

Coincidentally, transforming the Loom into a tree of realities is how Loki solved the dilemma that faced the TVA in the recently concluded MCU Disney+ series.

While this does not explain how Starfield decides on your next universe in New Game+, it does put the question of how the infinite works into perspective.

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