Outpost of the Week - Floating Outpost With Shooting Range



If you’re a big-time space traveler in Starfield who also has to fight off enemies with his gun, what do you do when you’re given a chance to build your headquarters?

Of course, you create a space where you can sharpen your shooting skills for combat. A shooting range!

The beauty about the outpost building in Bethesda’s newest intellectual property is that the sky is the limit when decorating the living spaces of your “home away from home.”

That’s what Anthony Padlo from the Starfield Outpost Builders group capitalized on. The result - his very own shooting range in space.

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Credit: Facebook/Anthony Padlo

Aside from that, he also managed to extend all the living spaces of his outpost to the waters off the shore where he built it. He was even able to stack up to four habs on top of one another, a feat he explained as requiring the use of the Four Walled Hab prefab.

All the other builders need to do is snap the other habs on top of this to build them on top of one another. Otherwise, the builder mechanism will place any other structure on the bottom. Anthony also added that this capability is available on Xbox Series consoles as well.

Unfortunately, Anthony did not specify which island he built this outpost on. It must be one of those resource-rich planets with excellent white-sand beaches though.

In any case, it’s only a week more or so left until the first patch of a promised series comes out of Steam Beta and becomes publicly available. Beta testers have already reported significant changes to the game’s lighting and NPC appearances from the first patch.

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