Fan Creation of the Week - Embroidered Piloting Skill Icon Patch

skill badge starfield

skill badge starfield

The Starfield fan community is amazingly creative, with some not balking at the challenge of reproducing content from the game in real life. Do you recall that person who created a nearly functional sanitation mini bot?

Of course, he’s not the only one with such talent within the player base. Starfield has so much content that people can take a crack at recreating it. For Reddit user GreyishBlue, it would be the Piloting Skill Emblem, which he has embroidered and stuck to his hoodie.

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Credit: Reddit

The Piloting Skill Patch he created is amazingly detailed, a perfect replica of the game even though Bethesda has not released an official embroidery pattern the way they did with Mr. Wilby. That, of course, did not deter GreyishBlue from copying the patch for himself.

GreyishBlue, who admitted to habitually embroider content from any of the games that he is playing, said that everything has been done by hand. They even said that the skill icons in Starfield seemed made for him to copy, implying that it didn’t even need a lot of skill on his part to come up with his patch.

One user, GaijinDC, asked if GreyishBlue is going to produce more of these patches for sale. There’s still no reply as of writing, but we can assume GreyishBlue will not dive into that as it will qualify his creations as bootlegs.

Still, who knows? We’ll be following the Reddit thread closely, that’s for sure.

There have been numerous Fan of the Week entries since Starfield launched in September 6. Let’s take another look at how influencer Lowcost Cosplay did his take imitating one of Starfield’s posters.

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