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Credit: X

Credit: X

Something about sunsets and sunrises always inspires a feeling of awe and wonder inside us. Thankfully, if you’re playing Starfield, you have at your disposal a very useful tool for preserving in-game memories - your Photo Mode.

X user Rakan Elessar obviously had a high amount of respect and love for these two celestial events and managed to capture a few exceptional snaps of them taking place in one of Starfield’s moons. All of these solar events involve the prominent appearance of a red sky that blends a reddish tint to a gas giant.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words, so let’s take a moment to let the magnificence of Rakan’s work of art sink in.

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Credit: X/TinyRakan

Unfortunately, there’s no specific information available regarding what Star System this has been captured. The comments are also in Arabic and, when translated, simply comment on the Starborn Guardian ship in one of the images or ask for a major update, Cyberpunk-style.

Three popular planets are gas giants with rings in Starfield - Saturn, Deepala, and Schrodinger VIII, so we can take a guess.

The Photo Mode has preserved many player discoveries since the game launched in September. One of the most popular ones is the “Rain only falls on player” phenomenon.

Other game devs explained the phenomenon as simply the game’s weather effects being slaved to the player’s position. This is a resource-saving technique that many of them practice when rendering rain, snow, sleet, or even dust in their respective games.

Did you also know that you can adjust the depth of field in the third-person view of your ship while traveling by tweaking a few settings in Photo Mode?

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