Photo of the Week - Starborn Faces a Pack Ankylosaurus

starfield starborn and alien

The Starborn is considered the next level of evolution in the galaxy of Bethesda’s newest role-playing game, Starfield. They have advanced knowledge acquired from going through the Unity to multiple universes.

They’re built a little differently from humans, although they are still genetically close. With that said, like their human counterparts, the Starborn are not immune to some impulsive behavior either.

This one just calmly approached a Pack Ankylosaurus, a large and aggressive animal in Starfield.

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Credit: X/CosmosThief
Come at me.

This photo was taken by CosmosThief, an avid practitioner of Virtual Photography, or the use of Starfield’s Photo Mode to take stunning captures. This is but one of his marvelous captures, but this one stood out for us; hence, we’re adding it to our Photo of the Week gallery.

If you want more, jump into X and follow his X account @CosmosThief. You can go to his X post for this gallery, which has two more amazing pictures uploaded on December 10.

Starfield’s Photo Mode hilariously uncovered a decades-old practice of game developers when treating environmental events like rain, snow, dust storms, and others. One player wanted to take a wide-angle shot of his character drenched in the rain.

Unfortunately, he discovered when he zoomed out that the rain fell only on the player and not the immediate surroundings. Game developers quickly pointed out that doing so allows the game engine to conserve resources and optimize processing speed.

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