Photo of the Week - Vasco and The Starborn Team Up

vasco starborn

vasco starborn

Howdy, explorers! Are you ready for this week’s Photo of the Week entry? You’ll love this one if you’re into the action in Starfield, Bethesda’s biggest open-world role-playing game.

Our entry for this week comes from our mainstay, Catlovingtreklover, who has been featured multiple times in previous Photos of the Week.

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Credit: Instagram/Catlovingtreklover

The image shows the player, dressed in full Starborn armor, aiming a pistol at an offscreen target. We don’t see what it is, but it should be a real threat as the player is ready to pull two into its head.

Vasco is behind and slightly to the right of the player, seemingly getting ready to pounce on something as he watches his partner’s back.

We loved Vasco ever since we met him during the Constellation quest line, and seeing him in this kind of capture warms our hearts. This faithful robot deserves to be on anyone’s team, and it seems Catlovingtreklover understands that as well as we do.

Vasco has also been upgraded via a newly released mod on Nexus. This mod turns Vasco from a passive-aggressive assistant robot into a vicious fighting machine that you will want to have on your team.

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Credit: Nexus

This version, called Vasco Model S, is built more like an attack dog in capabilities and appearance. The Model S is capable of devastating melee attacks that can knock out even the most formidable creatures that Starfield can bring to the table.

And, yes, Bethesda has finally dropped the much-awaited patch that will bring DLSS support to Starfield. This patch is currently up for grabs for those who signed up for beta testing via the Steam Beta platform. Go check it out!

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