Player Shocked to Find Weeds Growing on His Outpost

weeds starfield

weeds starfield

Outposts in Starfield are mainly designed for collecting resources and, when the time comes, a place the player can call a home away from home. However, nothing prepared this player for the reality of “weeds” growing inside his outpost compound when he finally returned to it.

In his post on Reddit, Slight_Bodybuilder25 said he found weeds growing all over his outpost after what he described as a very long idle time. True enough, his video shows trees and grass growing within the compound, overwhelming his cargo boxes and his outdoor furniture.

He also went up to his landing pad, where he saw plants growing on his spaceship. He asked in his caption, “How long had I stood there?”

The video led user Rockus27 to wonder if Starfield has real-time procedural generation, but was quickly shot down by theoriginaled who stated that it’s merely terrain features removed during outpost building that respawned for some reason.

Garysan_uk, a Constellation member, suggested to the OP that he try to quit and reload the game and see if that removes the trees on the landing pad and throughout the outpost.

At this stage of Starfield’s existence, there will always be glitches and bugs, mainly because of its scale and size. The modding community is trying its best to patch things up, with the first version of the Community Patch released just a few weeks ago. At the same time, Bethesda also releases its official updates.

Fans eagerly await the release of the official Creation Kit, which will drop next year. However, as early as November 29, the Creation Club and the Skyrim Mods websites were taken down for maintenance, with many people wondering if it was a sign that the Kit was imminent.

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