Redditor Finds That 25% of Starfield Players Have Not Gone to Space

astronaut on planet look at landing ship

astronaut on planet look at landing ship

Achievements are an excellent addition to any game. They keep you motivated, so you’ll continue to play the game. Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG, Starfield, is not an exception.

It has many achievements, but they do more than motivate - they also provide insights!

For example, a Reddit user has found out when he unlocked the “For All, Into the Starfield” achievement. To unlock the achievement, one only needs to initiate space travel for the first time. As it turns out, the achievement also provides information on how many people have unlocked it.

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Credit: Reddit

Based on the text, roughly 25% of people playing Starfield have not gone into space yet. That sounds odd because space travel is at the core of the game. You can only explore planets or fast-travel if you have gone into space.

Several users responded to the post, with some stating that they had already gone into space at a time when achievements were non-existent during early access.

Others wonder if they must go into a new game to unlock the achievement and get the reward.

Still, some Redditors pointed out that you can kill achievements when running too many mods or keep using console commands.

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Credit: Bethesda/Screenshot

It’s been nine days since launch, but things continue to be exciting for Starfield players and fans. Today, toy maker PureArts announced that they will release a limited edition 1/6 scale fully articulated Vasco model.

There will only be 150 units available of the toy, which has 15 points of articulation. You can pre-order the toy, but you'll need to hurry. They might need more stock!

Speaking of Vasco, Twitch and Bethesda are now allowing users to include Vasco as a companion on their live streams. If you’re not fond of talking while you stream and play, you can try and bring Vasco in to entertain your audience while you focus on the game.

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