Starfield - Outpost of the Week 3

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huge factory outpost
Credit: Reddit

It's that time again, folks - Starfield Portal's outpost of the week is here. We love seeing all the fan creations using the in-game features, from insanely huge factories to simpler builds; we will showcase them all! Send yours in for a chance to be featured next time.

This week, we have polar opposites for our outpost of the week, and we take a look at one fan's outpost building guide. With that said, it's time to see the creations!

massive factory outpost
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Credit: Reddit

First up, we have an insanely huge build from Reddit user Hackoox. They have chosen to go for the industrial factory-style outpost over something more homely.

Hackoox commented on the community hate regarding outpost building with the following -

For all of you hating on outposts, this is what 100+ hours and dedication gets you. I present to you my factory, still work in progress.

We are blown away by this mammoth task and cant believe it is still a work in progress. This is definitely one outpost build to keep an eye on as it expands.

a chair overlooking beautiful scenery
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Credit: Reddit

On the other end of the scale, from Anonymous_Criminal we have a peaceful-looking 'outpost' with lovely views. Yes, this may have been uploaded as a joke, but we can see the merits in a more low-key build for those wanting some tranquillity in their life to drown out the noise of the cosmos.

As we said before, send us your outpost pictures for a chance to be featured next time; if you are struggling with getting to grips with creating a new homestead, one fan has the solution for you.

Reddit user gurneyliu has posted a beginner's guide to constructing a manufacturing outpost; you can check out his diagram here. Since the in-game outpost building instructions are light on info, we recommend reading through gurneyliu's guide.

If you are looking for the perfect planet to build an outpost, or if you are looking for advanced shipbuilding techniques, you can find those and much more here at Starfield Portal.


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