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Gamma Vulpes II-A is one of the many habitable moons in Starfield. It has eight resources, moderate fauna and flora, and an STD O2 atmosphere. These stats make it one of the best celestial bodies in Bethesda’s space exploration game to build an outpost on.

This player certainly agrees, but he did us one better by not just building a vanilla outpost. He built an actual fortress. Take a look at what he built below!

In his Reddit post, user Barabbas described his creation as Foundation II: Luxury Fortress on Gamma Vulpes II-A. He isn’t wrong - look at the size of his edifice!

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Credit: Reddit

The outpost hosts several tiers of habs, as well as two full-sized landing pads. One of his habs has also been adorned with a statue reminiscent of the Greek or Roman icons created during the Renaissance.

Zooming in on one of the pictures attached to their Reddit post, you can see that he’s built a gym just behind the golden statue.

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Credit: Reddit

While he mentioned putting up a full tour of the outpost in the comments, no link has been posted, and it’s been four days. There are also no other details about the outpost, except that it has been tagged as a Modded Outpost Build.

This outpost would be even more interesting had he also put a Trade Authority Kiosk near it.

This is now possible for PC users with a mod on Nexus called Outpost Trade Kiosk. This Kiosk will even accept contraband, significantly reducing your risk of being flagged and blacklisted by the space authorities in Starfield.

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