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starfield npc

starfield npc

Except for those that play a role in the main quest lines of Bethesda’s Starfield, many of those NPCs you encounter in this highly successful space sim don’t have any names. Instead, they are marked by their specialist, i.e., Ship Services, Ship Technician, Salesman, and many others.

Of course, Bethesda’s developers intended this so you’ll know which one to recruit for your crew. However, it depersonalizes the NPC, which can be jarring because they have face-to-face conversations with the player.

If you’re not cool with the generic naming, why not give the “I Have A Name” mod a try? You can download it for free on Nexus.

This mod assigns a name to each of the specialist NPCs you encounter in Starfield, and it’s not just any name. All of the names in this mod are characters from popular sci-fi franchises, like Ellen Ripley from Alien and Tasha Yar from Star Trek: The Next Generation.

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That sounds absolutely cool! However, this means that you can no longer determine their ship specialty from a glance. You’d have to approach them and have a conversation, which is the whole point of you meeting these NPCs anyway.

Get out there and get to know those NPCs with their new names!

Speaking of the ship’s crew, did you know that there is a mod that provides a dialogue option allowing Rosie Tannehill to become the de facto medic on your ship? You can approach her and ask her to heal you or sell you some medical supplies, although she isn’t able to join you in exploring planets.

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