Creatures Can Enter Your Starfield Starship and Stop Fast Travel

dinosaur on alien world

dinosaur on alien world

You’d think that fast travel in Starfield is smooth and hitch-free. You need to open your map, select a destination, and off you go. Think again because a creature entering your ship without your knowledge can disrupt fast travel.

This is what Redditor AQTBGL_DaddyIssues found out last week. He tried to perform a grav jump, but it wouldn’t push through. So, he left his cockpit only to be confronted by an angry Pack Ankylosaurus.

Fortunately, our Redditor was armed to the teeth and quickly removed the creature in just a few shots. He even collected some Amino Acids and a Carapace along the way. Watch the video and see.

However, Other Reddit users are unconvinced, with a few pointing out that he had intentionally brought the beast inside the ship as contraband. One user even pointed to the red box next to the Ankylosaurus’ name, indicating that it was stolen.

The uploader responded that a random creature had appeared on top of his ship when he took off. He theorized that the animal spawned inside the starship when the vehicle reached space.

As each day passes, Starfield users uncover features within the game that Bethesda had yet to divulge or discuss in any interview or announcements.

This week, one user discovered he could walk outside his ship and explore asteroids, even building an outpost on one.

Direct modifications to the console can achieve this. However, this trick is only available to PC users, not those playing with the Xbox.

Speaking of Xbox, GamesIndustry.Biz announced that UK sales of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S jumped 76% between August 27 and September 2. This increase is partly attributed to Starfield’s early access, which ended on September 5.

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