Mod of the Week 4 - Slower Than Light

bright white star

bright white star

It’s Wednesday, and it’s the time of the week again for our Mod of the Week for Starfield. For this week, our pick has been previously featured in our news stories. It’s none other than the mod Slower Than Light, which you can download for free at Nexus Mods.

Slower Than Light is a creation by 105gun, who says that this is a temporary alternative for anybody who wants a more immersive experience when piloting their spacecraft in Bethesda’s newest open-world RPG.

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Credit: Nexus Mods

What the mod does is override specific parameters in the console, and these parameters include the ship’s velocity. It’s worth noting that, without fast travel, traveling between planets in a star system is slow.

Case in point - an influencer who tried to travel from Earth to Pluto took 7 hours, and it’s not a straight flight through. She had to make steering corrections to account for orbital deviance every 30 minutes.

With Slower Than Light, however, you can gradually increase your ship’s speed by shifting gears like you would with a car or a motorcycle. The modder said you can accelerate your ship to up to 100 times the speed of light, and that’s fast!

To shift gears, you’ll need to press specific keys. While the mod has default hotkeys, you can set them into any key that you prefer through the ini file in your Starfield installation folder.

Modders have been quite busy lately with Starfield. As for official mod support, Bethesda’s CEO Todd Howard said that players will have to wait until next year for the Creation Kit to be released.

He said that they want to release official mod support “in a big way,” which means that the company will want to take its time before doing so for its most successful game.

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