You Must Eat, Drink and Sleep in Starfield, or You Won’t Survive

starfield survival mode

starfield survival mode

Starfield Survival Mode is here!

There are many activities in Starfield that, in reality, would challenge a person’s physical prowess. Planetside exploration is an extensive exercise - running miles on end, consuming copious amounts of oxygen.

But it’s OK because your character can recharge by stopping to “take a breath.”

However, one feature that is notably absent from Bethesda’s latest sandbox space game is the need for sustenance. While there are many food and drink items around, not consuming anything for an extended period does not affect your stats.

A new mod, however, aims to change all that.

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Credit: Nexus

The mod is aptly called “Eat.Sleep.Drink” and can be downloaded from Nexus Mods for free. What it does, essentially, is force a survival mode on your Starfield game.

As you can see from the image above, not eating, drinking, or sleeping will introduce a negative status effect on your character.

Three status effects will automatically be slapped onto your character if you fail to rest after 1 hour in real-time. These are:

  • Starvation - Your health points will decrease until it reaches 10%.
  • Dehydration - You will experience a decrease in carrying capacity.
  • Emotional damage - You will experience a reduction in XP gain by 80%.

The rules are simple - you must consume food and drink and get some in-game sleep once every hour to eliminate the debuffs.

All in all, this mod brings another degree of realism into the game. The modder is probably trying to remind us that, while we all love Starfield immensely, we need to take a break from marathon gaming every hour.

Speaking of sleep, there’s a 15% boost in XP gain when you wake up after making love with your companion. This buff is good for 25 minutes, which is more than plenty of time to farm fauna or spacer outposts.

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