Mod of the Week - Outpost Fabricator Snapping

starfield mods outpost fabricator snapping mod

starfield mods outpost fabricator snapping mod

Snapping is, without doubt, one of the pet peeves of Starfield players when trying to build outposts. People have complained since the release date that they are having difficulties aligning their structures as they intend to because the snapping system is cumbersome.

Since then, many mods have attempted to make snapping a little more manageable for our Starfield players. However, we picked this one because of its approach to making fabricators snap together, like in the image below.

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Credit: Reddit
Perfectly aligned like they're made for each other.

As you can see, they are perfectly aligned. According to the creator of the mod, which is named FabSnap - Outpost Fabricator Snapping, he extended the snap template. This means you can align them how you want to, even when there’s a distance between them. This way, you can work out the alignment and then push them together once you’re happy.

The modder says snapping works despite differences in tier between the fabricators. The mod is also compatible with fabs that have been created using mods. However, he mentioned that Tier 3 fabricators will face the wrong way when spawned because Bethesda’s .NIF files rotate them 180 degrees.

As usual, the mod can be downloaded for free on Nexus if you find this to be your cup of tea.

Bethesda excited us when they announced that they’d perform maintenance for the Creation Club, hoping the Starfield Creation Kit would arrive earlier than expected.

However, Todd Howard and the team surprised us by announcing a major update, not for Starfield, but for the fan-favorite The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim.

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