The Lodge Can Now Leave Jemison and Fly?

ship starfield

ship starfield

The Lodge is the headquarters of the Constellation, a prominent faction in the United Colonies of Starfield. It is also one of the most impressive and important locations in Bethesda’s biggest open-world role-playing game.

What if you can take it with you, flying off into space?

Well, you won’t exactly take The Lodge itself to fly, but you can build a fully functional replica for space travel. This is now possible with the mod called “Fly the Lodge.”

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Credit: Nexus

The mod remodels the exterior of the Starborn Guardian vessel and converts it into a replica of The Lodge. The exterior is also heavily remodeled into a classic pirate’s ship, complete with the sails, but they are there for show. You don’t need sails in space, after all.

The modder said he intentionally left the inside of The Lodge ship empty so the player could exercise some creativity in interior design. It does, however, bring along the Adoring Fan, so you can spend more time with him while traveling in space.

Will The Lodge be combat-effective? The modder guarantees this vessel can hold its own in combat against other spaceships.

Don’t worry about the location - the original Lodge is safe and in place, waiting for you to come back… if you don’t join the Crimson Fleet.

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Credit: X

In August, a concerned fan wondered on his X account if Starfield would go gold on the previously announced release date of September 6. This was after Bethesda moved back the release date from March, a fact that the late fan Alex Hay said would make it impossible for him to experience Starfield.

Hay died in April due to lung cancer and is immortalized by a note that a player can find in-game.

Peter Hines, the retired senior VP of publishing for Bethesda Games, responded, “We know what we’re doing.”

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