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starfield npc

starfield npc

There are as many things to like about Starfield as there are also a lot for players to complain about. The numerous bugs that have appeared, often with hilarious yet annoying effects, are a testament to that fact about Bethesda’s newest and most successful role-playing game yet.

For example, one fan took to Reddit to air his grievances about what he describes as “Oblivion-style” cinematics during NPC sequences and discussions, usually before a quest.

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An NPC staring back at you while discussing a mission.

Specifically, user mangotango781 took to the social media forum three days ago to air his discomfort at a lack of dynamism when NPCs discuss a serious problem. Instead of being “dramatic,” the user said that the camera hops from one character to another, all of whom stare at the unseen player.

He said this takes away tension and, thus, reduces the immersion in the game.

Other users commented and compared this Starfield feature to the capabilities of Cyberpunk 2077. Some praised the CPDR games, highlighting the fact that CP2077’s NPCs are capable of actions not possible in Starfield, like picking things up and interacting with them.

Others jumped to Bethesda’s defense, stating that character interaction in Starfield is dynamic and could take anywhere. They theorized this is probably why the dev team compromised by bringing back the Skyrim/Oblivion camera system.

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What are you talking about?

The tendency of NPCs to stare back at you is one glitch that an Unscripted Honest Conference video with a fake Todd Howard highlighted. Several videos show NPCs suddenly obstructing the camera by stopping in front of a companion and turning around with bulging eyes.

Speaking of glitches, modders have finally devised a way to fix that recurring problem with Starfield’s field-of-view (FOV) sliders that causes players to get stuck in that mode after crafting.

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